Monday, August 10, 2009

Hiking at Ravenswood in Gloucester MA

A good friend took me hiking while I was up in Boston filming with The Garden Girl. We hiked a miles of trails on the property known as Ravenwood, a 600 acre property preserved as open space. This property was filled with stunning views and cool woodland plants around every corner. The mosses and ferns were emerald green, and the mushrooms were popping all over! Given they had 28 days of rain in the 30 days of June, its not too surprising...but I digress. My friend loves this trail because it is dog-friendly, has great views, is an easy hike, and has lots of cross trails to keep it fresh and interesting for folks who visit often.
Filming with Patti Moreno, The Garden Girl was the main focus of the trip, so when we returned from our morning hike, off I went to Garden Girl studios. We filmed a couple segments just chatting on soil biology, soil amendments, and all things soil related. You will be able to catch them at some point on youtube, our website, or on Patti's E-zine. If you havent checked out the Sustainable E-zine, hit it up!

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