Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mo-Greena Foundry - Organic Mechanics Home Base

I love big machines. What can I say, I am just a big kid at heart when I see these awesome earth moving machines do work. You can just tell when a highly skilled operator is running a piece of equipment...when the machine is just an extension of what the person is willing the machine to do. Smooth movements that almost look computerized are the pinnacle of equipment operation!

These two monster machines were on our warehouse property to do some work! We graded the entire back 2 acres to get ready for further expansion efforts. What was once hilly, uneven terrain is now flat as a pancake. Can you say soccer field during break time! Well, not completly smooth, it is actually sloped away from the mid point for better drainage. Bioswales control water runoff along the edges. Native riparian plants placed along the bioswales help to absorb excess water. This area will serve as additional storage, as well as future greenhouse space!

This is but a small phase of Operation Property stay turned for future visual updates!


  1. I would be interested to see a blog entry on your use of worm castings. Do you vermicompost yourselves? If so, how do you do it, esp. with reference to cold weather? Or, do you acquire it from another business?

  2. We purchase our worm castings in bulk. Its a full time job for us just making potting soil, so we buy them in. We bought 80 tons in 2010!

    I give classes on vermicomposting from time to time...follow us on facebook for updates or check the website news & events page to follow my speaking schedule.