Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Musings

This winter certainly has been interesting. Snow before Halloween for many of us in the Mid Atlantic, fifty degree days after getting five inches of snow, and seventy degrees in the first week of March. The Daffodils, Hellebores, Blue bells, Forsythia, Rhododendrons, and Weeping Cherries are blooming in my garden right now. It’s interesting to note soil temperatures were quite cool early in the season, yet many flowering trees bloomed earlier than most years. Is it global warming? Solar storm side effects? Perhaps it’s just a warmer than usual year. They call them average temperatures for a reason, right?!?

Spring is finally in fast forward. It’s been in slow motion for months, with chapters of perusing seed catalogs, volunteering for The DCH’s rare plant auction, tending houseplants, and occasionally doing some outdoor garden chores. This year I bought seeds from Happy Cat Farm, Baker Creek, High Mowing, Southern Exposure, Irish Eyes, and D. Landreth. I’m set from March to September for seeds to plant!

The DCH Rare Plant Auction is an annual event held to benefit urban greening initiatives in Wilmington DE, including their urban farm. I’m honored to have served on the plant selection committee for the past few years. It brings out the plant geek in me, allows me to learn new plants, and envision buds, blooms, foliage and form during our meetings all winter long.

I repotted quite a few houseplants this year. All the plants that needed it were bumped up to the next size pot, terracotta of course. I use Organic Mechanics Premium Blend for my houseplants. This blend has a lot of compost and worm castings, which allows me the freedom to water about once a week.

I also spent a bit of time clearing out garden beds, cutting back perennial stems, weeding beds, and planning strategic pruning moves to let more light into the garden. I probably should have spent more time planning the veggie garden design for this year, or have already amended the garden beds for spring plantings, but, in a way, it’s just like college. Sometimes I did my best work when crunch time rolled around.

Time to get planning, and get moving. With the official first day of spring right behind us, and temperatures hitting 70+ last week in the MidAtlantic, it’s time for me to get in the garden and get my hands dirty! Until next time…they call me The Organic Mechanic, and I thank you for reading!

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